10 Industries and Organizations to Target with Your Swagforce Website

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Whether you are an experienced screen printer, a large ad agency, or a freelance graphic designer you may not know who to target with your Swagforce website outside of your existing clients. You might want to cast a wide net and go after all businesses and organizations. To get started, though, a narrower focus on just a few specific customer types could be a better strategy. By doing this you should be able to gain more traction as you will get to know the specific products to suggest to your targets. Here are ten industries or organizations that are perfect targets for when you start your Swagforce website and the custom printed products you can pitch to them.

Here are 10 Top Targets to Focus on When You Launch Your Swagforce Site

1. Business and Personal Contacts

A great place to get started with your Swagforce website is your business and personal contacts. Before you even mention promotional products to these acquaintances, you have already built in a certain amount of trust with them. Through previous interactions, you know them well and potentially know their needs. Earning their business can be just a matter of making sure they know about your Swagforce website. They will want to do business with you.

With your professional network pay attention to what types of events they attend or participate in regularly. If they are going to trade shows or job fairs, offer to help them upgrade their booth set up with a new table cover or vinyl banner. If they sponsor golf tournaments or 5k races you can be their go-to person for drink tumblers and water bottles, which make great items for door prizes and gift bags.

When it comes to your friends and family, keep an ear to the ground for what events they have on their schedule. Your Swagforce website can be their source for branded event products. Decorated napkins and coasters are a great touch for any special occasion like weddings, anniversaries, and retirements. Koozies and foam cups are a must-have for beach season.

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2. Breweries

The craft beer market has taken the country by storm over the past decade. In many parts of the country, breweries are opening as full-blown restaurants or taprooms. In this crowded market, brands are trying to set themselves apart and create a cult following. One way they do this is with promotional products.

A patron having a beverage at one of these establishments will probably notice a branded pulpboard coaster under their drink. The pint glass they are drinking out of might have the beer’s logo on it. When they order a drink or cash out at the register, they will probably find a stack of decals or can coolies available for sale. A brewery might even have a need for a keg collar or keg wrap if they have a retail component.

Your Swagforce website can be a one stop shop for breweries for all their promotional and marketing products.

Target Breweries for Promo Products

A custom pint glass sleeve, beer pitcher, or glass stein are the perfect pitch for any brewery.

3. Youth Sports Teams / Leagues

The youth sports world seems to grow more and more every year. They range from local recreational leagues to the super competitive travel circuits. The leagues and teams present a lucrative market for your Swagforce website.

Water bottles and seat cushions are obvious promotional products to get your foot in the door. If you really want to make this category a money-maker, think bigger. Find out if they sell concessions or merchandise. Branded cups and napkins might be a sponsorship opportunity for them to sell. Tattoos, eye black, and foam fingers are perfect for their merchandise sales. Car magnets and flags make for the ultimate fundraising item.

This is a loyal market and once you make that first impression and show them the full catalog, you can turn this into a long-term revenue stream.

Target Youth Sports Fundraisers

Customized wristbands, car flags, or vehicle magnets are great items for any youth sports fundraiser.

4. Houses of Worship

Temples, churches, mosques, and synagogues are very much into branding and marketing. It is not uncommon for these organizations to purchase branded gifts for new member outreach or their entire congregation.

Ornaments during holidays or seed packets in the springtime are popular choices. Religious-themed calendars are also great for gift giving and outreach. You will also find that inside of the organization there will be smaller groups for youths or adults. These groups present additional sales opportunities for your Swagforce website.

Finally, the church hand fan has always been a popular item, especially in the spring and summer seasons.

10 industries organizations target swagforce website 4

The church hand fan is a staple promotional product and great option to suggest to any house of worship.

5. Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Dispensaries

This is a category that is growing as more states around the country loosen their regulations on this industry. Brand loyalty is very important for these businesses. There are many products specifically targeted for the medical marijuana and cannabis dispensaries markets

Rolling trays and smell-proof bags are in-demand items for retail locations. For trade shows and giveaways, there is no shortage of traditional promo items that have been branded for the cannabis community. Sunglasses and stress relievers are always a must-have when creating awareness.

For repeat orders to your Swagforce website, a great suggestion for a new customer is branded matchbooks and matchboxes.

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Industries

Direct your cannabis dispensary clients to your Swagforce website and they can find custom rolling papers, grinders, and lighters for their next swag purchase.

6. Car Dealerships

New and used car dealerships are great long-term customers for your Swagforce website. If they like your products and service, they will keep the orders coming.

One thing they will need in regular supply is license plate frames and plates. You can pitch them on the plastic option that is kept on the cars at the dealership or the nice metal option that is given to the customer when they drive their car home. Dealerships are repeat customers for branded pens and keychains. Digging a little deeper you might find a need for a retractable banner for showroom displays or branded disposable cups for the coffee machine in the waiting area.

7. Financial Planners/Investment Firms

What they lack in the volume of orders, they make up for in order dollar amount. This industry tends to order high-end items.

Pocket folders, document holders, and padfolios are very common for business operations in this industry. These are items that are ordered on an annual basis at a minimum.

On the marketing side, client gifts can be a big yearly purchase that you can source for these clients. Stone coaster sets, Bettoni gift pens, and golf umbrellas are just a few of the high-end items available to sell to these clients.

8. Education

This is a big category and can be a real money maker for your Swagforce website if you have the right contacts. This category is not limited to actual primary and secondary schools. Big money is also spent on promotional products by tutoring services, college placement counseling services, and technology companies. There is also no shortage of foundations and other non-profits.

The education sector is very competitive and branding is very important. Branded items play a big part in many marketing plans. Think about spirit items, recruiting items, and office items when you target a client in the education category.

Education and School Spirit

Branding is very important in the education sector. Customized lanyards, drawstring backpacks, and pennants are great options to suggest for giveaways and or a school store.

9. Medical Offices

This is another broad category that encompasses many different types of offices. Get started by targeting dentists, dermatologists, and pediatric offices. You cannot walk out of one of these offices without a swag bag in your hands. They are usually filled with pens, pencils, stress balls, and more. If you want to think even bigger, pharmaceutical sales groups, hospitals, and urgent care clinics all have big budgets for custom printed items.

10. Hotels/Motels

If you go into a hotel room, you are bound to find 5-6 different items branded with the hotel logo. Look at the nightstand or desk and you might find a nice pen and notepad. In the closet, there is probably a plastic laundry bag.

For a luxury hotel, you might see a customized leather coaster or a sleep mask. When you head back to the lobby and on-site restaurant you will likely find branded drink coasters and glassware.

If the lodging location is more along the lines of the Rosebud Motel, you might suggest a vintage keychain.

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Promotional products are used in all industries. If you get your foot in the door in an industry you like, keep digging. You are likely to find more ways that you can sell promotional products to those businesses. You will also build a referral network within the industry. Doing a good job for one client will likely open doors to others in the same industry. If your business already has a target niche, then you are set up perfectly. If you’re just getting started, then you can decide if you want to target one or two of these categories or all of them. Eventually you will find the types of businesses you like to work with best and the ones that make you the most money.


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