7 Ways to Promote Your Successful Swagforce Website

Successful Swagforce Strategies

Once you have your Swagforce Website branded with your colors and logo you are ready to start selling swag. In a perfect world your customers will already be knocking down your door with swag requests. In most cases, though, you are going to need to create awareness about your exciting new offering. There are several steps that you can take to proudly broadcast to your customers, friends, family, and the entire world that you are their go-to partner for any promotional product needs.

Here are 7 Winning to Strategies to Make More Money with Your Swagforce Website

1. Add a Tab to Your Website Navigation Bar

If you have a website for your business, you will want to create a direct link to your Swagforce site. The first thing you can do is create a tab on your navigation bar that makes it known to your site visitors that you are now selling promotional products. When a customer arrives at your site, one of the first places they will look is the navigation bar. By having a dedicated tab for promotional products your visitors will know that swag is part of your offerings. You will want to make sure to dedicate a specific tab to promotional products. If you list it under a more general tab (like services), the visitor may not see it if they don’t open that tab. This tab should be linked to your Swagforce URL so that if someone clicks on it, they will be able to go directly from your homepage to your Swagforce site. Your website designer can help you with how to best incorporate this new tab to your current navigation bar.

Link to your Swagforce website
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2. Include a Featured Image on Your Homepage

Create an eye-catching featured image in the body of your homepage that promotes your Swagforce site. As a visitor scrolls down your homepage this featured image will grab their attention. More than the tab on the navigation bar, the featured image will be an opportunity for the visitor to see exactly what your Swagforce site offers. You can use product pictures and bold text to intrigue them. Add a form for them to fill out or a call to action button to encourage visitors to take the next steps of requesting a quote or visiting your Swagforce site.

Swagforce Banner on Business Website

3. Build a Presence on Social Media

Announce the launch of your Swagforce site to your friends, family, and customers on your social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be extremely powerful tools when you want to reach your audience. The first step will be announcing the launch of your Swagforce site. Think of it as a virtual ribbon cutting. And, don’t stop there. After your initial announcement keep up with regular communication through these channels. This will keep you top of mind when one of your friends or followers needs to order a promotional product.

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4. Start a Newsletter for Your Customers

If you have a regular newsletter that you send out to your customers, be sure to add content about your Swagforce site. Create features like ‘Product of the Week’ or ‘Sale Items’  to engage your customers and help generate ideas. If you do not have a newsletter already, you might think about creating one. A newsletter is a great way to maintain regular communication with your network, providing them with updates on your business, special offers and showing them that you are an expert in your field.

5. Become an Active Networker

Promote your Swagforce site off-line. Tell anyone and everyone you know that you now have a website to sell promotional products. Potential customers come from all walks of life. You want them to think about YOU when they need to order customized napkins for a wedding or an annual employee gift. These people are also potential promoters for you. The more they know that you are the go-to person for promotional products, the more likely they are to refer you to their friends, family, and colleagues. When you are out at a networking event, family barbecue or community event, find a creative way to talk about your Swagforce site. Part of your welcome kit will be a set of business cards for your Swagforce site. Be sure to have these cards with you at all times to pass out to anyone you see as a potential customer.

6. Utilize Your Email Signature

Add a link to your Swagforce site in your email signature. Think about how many emails you send out daily. Each email is a chance to promote your Swagforce store. Your email signature is prime marketing space. Adding a link will increase the awareness of your Swagforce site. If you want to draw even more attention you can add a clickable banner to your signature.

7. Become Your Own Customer

Become the first customer of your Swagforce site and purchase swag with your logo on it. Not only will this be an effective way to see the sales process from your customer’s perspective, but now you can be a walking billboard for your site.

Swagforce Coffee Cup

Having coffee mugs or pens to pass out to potential customer is a fantastic way to generate interest in the new service you are offering. Ask your Swagforce store advisor about a self-promo discount so that you can stock up on your own swag to help promote your site.

These are just a few of the strategies you can employ when you launch your new Swagforce site. The key is to use your multiple channels and to be consistent with your communication. Be creative with your outreach and do it on a regular basis and you will start to see that your business will be highly respected source for promotional products.


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