Your Top 5 Benefits of Using the Swagforce Solution!

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Swagforce has identified a problem that is frequently faced by firms in the printing industry. It’s an issue faced by screen printers and graphic designers and marketing firms among others. Many of their customers need to buy swag but these businesses don’t have the tools or resources to confidently meet these needs. They lose money, burn relationships, or just turn down the projects. Swagforce has created a white label swag solution that can bridge that gap and turn those bad experiences into profits.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Becoming a Swagforce Partner!

1. State-of-the-Art Website, with Your Logo and Branding

Partnering with Swagforce means that within 5 business days a new partner receives a personalized, branded website stocked with thousands of promotional products priced and ready to sell to their customers. Our developers have designed a user-friendly site that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. Our merchandise team has built out a catalog of the newest and hottest items along with many of the traditional go to items. Partners don’t have to worry about having website experience, as Swagforce will maintain and update the site on a continual basis.

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2. Dedicated All Star Sales and Customer Service Team

A Swagforce partnership comes with more than just a white label swag website. Training yourself and your team to be experts in the promotional products world is a big commitment. Time and money need to be diverted from your bread and butter to do it the right way. As a Swagforce partner, you will be supported by our highly knowledgeable sales force who will bring that experience to your team. You can confidently direct your customers to the professional Swagforce representatives who will recommend products, quote projects, and process orders. Your advisor will be there every step of the way from when the order is placed all the way to when it shows up at your customer’s door. Once your Swagforce store starts to grow, your advisor will also bring great experience in dealing with industry vendors to make sure project delivery dates are met, quality control is handled and rush orders can be fulfilled. Sales assistance will be available around the clock to support your site.

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3. Graphic Design Experts

Swagforce graphic designers know promotional products. Having designed artwork for tens of thousands of promotional product projects they have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. This will save you and your customers time and money when it comes to the proofing process. When an order is placed on your Swagforce white label swag website the customer will get a proof that looks great on the computer and will print great when it goes to production. Of course, not everything is perfect the first time. Proof revisions can be done as many times as needed to get the artwork correct. Rest assured the proofs, and any changes will be done in a timely matter so that there is no delay in getting the order to production. And nothing will be printed until the digital proof is approved. Swagforce designers also know how to work with all types of logo files and can even come up with designs from scratch.

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4. Rush Order Experts

Nothing makes a customer happier than when you can make a miracle happen for them. A benefit of your white label swag website is that your Swagforce advisor will be an expert in making miracles happen and making you look good. We know the right products and the right vendors to use to meet just about any deadline. Need 100 water bottles for a tradeshow this weekend? No problem! Need 500 pens dropped shipped to 5 different offices within a week? No problem! We’ve seen just about every scenario and know what to do – and, what NOT to do – to make a successful rush order happen.

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5. Full Coverage Responsibility for Most Mistakes

One of the pitfalls for print shops and designers when they dip their toes in the world of selling promotional products is mistakes or shrinkage. Whether it’s having an order show up late or having an order show up misprinted, there are a lot of ways a project can go south. This can turn a great customer relationship into a bad customer relationship real fast. With your Swagforce White Label Swag Website you are gaining our experience, which will help avoid many of these costly mistakes. However, mistakes do happen. When they do, Swagforce will take on the responsibility of making it right (by refund or reprint). You can feel good knowing that you will not be financially impacted by most mistakes or errors. (Please note that there are certain situations where Swagforce cannot be held liable. Your sales advisor can provide more details).

Don’t leave money on the table when your customers ask you about promotional products. Don’t send them back to the search engine jungle to do the work on their own. Send them to your Swagforce site and let your new sales team help them find the best product for their event or function.

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